Friday, October 03, 2008

With Norm Coleman's lead in the US Senate race...

Will someone start talking about Norm Coleman's "unconventional marriage"?

The last several days, we've seen some significant activity on our June posts:

Ed Schultz Calls Norm Coleman a Skirt Chaser

Norm Coleman's "Unconventional Marriage"

Norm Coleman: Chronic Womanizer?

Lots of Google searches coming into the blog looking into Norm Coleman's marital situation, with nearly 100 hits alone yesterday.

We'll be watching the traffic to see if this trend continues to grow, but I suspect that someone will come after Coleman hard on his "unconventional marriage".

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eric zaetsch said...

Garrison Keilor has written for Salon about Coleman, at least three times, in sequential order, here, here and here. From the first one, years ago:

"Norm got a free ride from the press. St. Paul is a small town and anybody who hangs around the St. Paul Grill knows about Norm's habits. Everyone knows that his family situation is, shall we say, very interesting, but nobody bothered to ask about it, least of all the religious people in the Republican Party. They made their peace with hypocrisy long ago. So this false knight made his way as an all-purpose feel-good candidate, standing for vaguely Republican values, supporting the president."

That language "knows about Norm's habits" seems to parallel your writings and might also set a few staff party researchers in both major parties into pursuit mode, one for damage, the other for damage control.

It is good to see you again posting a lot. Again, you have everyone's sympathy over losing your dad. It is hard even when you see it coming and have time to prepare.