Monday, March 17, 2008

TPT on the Cage Match in the 6th

Two Putt Tommy over at MN Blue has a post on the debate last night.
Tink waffled on the issue of a primary, too. In closing claimed he’d abide by the endorsement only if the process was honorable and fair. “Honorable”??!? By whose standards? His?

The question of endorsements came up. Tinklenberg became visibly angry. Quite frankly, his answer was misleading. A Tinklenberg staffer clearly stated in an e-mail blast, and I quote:

We are so proud to count Rep. McCollum as a supporter, and we have now received endorsements (emphasis added) from every Democratic member of the Minnesota delegation. From Tim Walz and Keith Ellison down South to Colin Peterson and Jim Oberstar up North, Democrats in Minnesota are working to send El Tinklenberg to Washington and send Michele Bachmann home.
(Source: Tinklenberg Campaign Email)

Folks, there’s an “endorsement” in there, that Tinklenberg flat-out did not receive.

Remember, he did this again in 2006.

TPT points out Tinklenberg's tendency to have a Mike Hatch moment on the podium.
And this wasn't the first time Tinklenberg would become visibly angry, at questions and in challenging rulings of the moderator and challenging the debate rules his campaign agreed to. All in all, Tinklenberg reacted angrily to questions 4 times, in addition to his closing.

Quite frankly, it’s apparent that Tinklenberg will get the endorsement. Whether he’s earned it, is subjective. However, the delegate counts speak for themselves, and the math is fairly simple. Fortunately for Tinklenberg, a Bachmann Tracker wasn’t there taking video – at least, not that I could tell.

While the endorsement race in the 6th is all but over, the real fight is just beginning. It will be interesting to see how Tinklenberg handles getting "attacked" on the same issues we've been asking him for months.

He better be ready...

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